black lives don't matter


In today’s time, we hear all day, ” BLACK LIVES MATTER”, but as a matter of fact, Black lives have never mattered here in the United States.

This idea that the term, “Black Lives Matter”, is in itself an oxymoron and does not ever appear that the value of those representing the class being described has never been placed in a position to equate what really matters in the lives of the People of Color, especially those of the descendants of former slaves.

If Black Lives Mattered, those that are protesting wouldn’t be protesting if their lives really mattered. Their lives by the very acts of those that started the trade of human flesh for chattel slavery shows the Culture of the captures. The truth is known about the Crimes that was placed on the backs of our Ancestors and that is not even a question, the question is, ” who was above the LAW when those who had my Grand-Parents Grand-Parents as slaves, when the very same wrote the ” LAW “?

Is there any one person on this planet that doesn’t know the horrible treatment, People of Color went through and are still going through which is a Documented fact as well as Historically achieved. Black Lives Matters? What mattered then? Was it Lawful?  Did the slaves, did my people have any right? If there were Rights, what were they? Was the condition of a People held in bondage appropriate unto  the Sight of God? When will the payment come. When will the God of Righteousness show His Face to those who have eyes.

Black Lives Don’t Matter and it is time to go to the next level. We are already saying what is not true, so it is easy for a lie to be presented to others. Whereas; when the focus is on the reverse of what is, then the message of “Black Lives Don’t Matter”, will tell others that you are exposed.

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